Is it just us, or is this how everyone feels?

Not only are we still working on three different projects at once, but I am also finishing my master’s program. And the holidays are coming. A sane person probably wouldn’t participate in NaNoWriMo while wrapping up their degree or while preparing to bake (literally) hundreds of cookies to hand out in holiday gift boxes, but I am in no way sane. Not even halfway there.

Anyhow, we can be a bit overeager, so here’s this month’s update on our writing projects in clearer terms. The Druid’s Gift is set to release December 5, 2017! But you already knew that because we can’t stop talking about it on social media. This book takes place in the same world as The Dryad, and you might even recognize a place or two on the map (we have a MAP!).

We are about halfway done writing the first draft to a full length novel following The Dryad. There WILL be characters from the novella in the new book, so take from that what you will. 😉 The words written in NaNoWriMo will be used to finish up this draft and Exchanged’s short story sequel.

Which brings us to Exchanged. We’ve learned a LOT since we released it less than a year ago. Like most authors looking back on their first works, there are things we would change and improve if we wrote it again now. Though we originally intended for the sequel to be longer, we’ve decided to include Aubriel and Callannon as side characters in future books as opposed to main ones. Not to say this will stay true forever, but once we release the short story, we’ll turn our focus to the other two series we started.

Oh, yeah, and we’re about 1/3 of the way through the sequel to The Druid’s Gift. ^_^ To be fair though, I started writing this sequel before deciding to make The Dryad part of a series. So if you end up loving Druid’s Gift (and I have a feeling you will ;), know that more will be on the way.

Love, hate, or feel curious about something? Shoot us a message.

<3 Vanessa

Fall Updates

Hi everyone! We hope you’ve had a great summer. We have lots of updates to share with you concerning new and upcoming projects. 🙂 First off, for those of you looking forward to seeing Aubriel and Callannon again, we’re expecting to release a short story directly following the events in Exchanged around summer 2018.

Until then, keep an eye out for a sneak preview of our next full length novel! This story will mark the beginning of a new series, and it takes place in the same world as Exchanged and The Dryad. We’re planning to release this book by the end of this year.

Finally, we never thought the draft of our short story, The Dryad, would one day turn into a novella, and then become the start of its own series, but it has. Dante made up a story for me (Vanessa) in 2014 as a gift of sorts, and it’s come a long, long way since then. Thanks to a suggestion from our editor, it’s become the prequel of its own series, Sons of Ferassi. We’ll post more about this in the new year.

We now find ourselves busily finishing up Exchanged’s sequel while working on two series simultaneously. It’s not the position we imagined ourselves in back in January, but here we are! If you have questions about any of our work, feel free to email us. We love to hear from you.

Early, happy fall to you all!

Happy summer

We hope everyone is enjoying a calm and relaxing summer so far. It’s hard (and sad) to believe we only have a month or so left until life gets crazy again. Once The Dryad is out, we’ll start posting about the next item on the agenda, which we’re excited to share with you!

Some of you may have noticed we’ve revamped out website so it’s much easier to navigate and read. No more tiny script! If you’d like to join our mailing list, we’re going to have a summer sale on Exchanged soon, and plan to share monthly updates on writing progress and story insights.

Otherwise, happy summer!

Giveaway Coming Soon

exchanged-front-cover-webIf you haven’t had a change to purchase Exchanged, no worries! Next week we’ll be starting a giveaway on Goodreads for a signed paperback copy. We’ll post a link announcing the giveaway as soon as it’s live, so keep an eye out. Pre-orders for The Dryad will also become available by the end of the month. We hope you enjoy both stories, and remember to let us know what you think!

New work on the horizon

April was quiet for the two of us, but we were hard at work. We’re planning to release a new short story in the next couple of months! We’ll be posting a summary and a sneak preview of the cover later in May.

There are going to be a few giveaway opportunities over the summer for physical and digital prizes as well, so watch this space for more details in the coming months!

Spring is almost here

IMAG0237With spring just around the corner, new beginnings are in order. This winter was a bit rougher than normal in some regards. Vanessa switched day jobs, which—while better—was cause for some adjustment. Unfortunately, Dante’s grandfather passed away shortly after we released Exchanged. We’re not sharing this information so you feel sorry or bad for us, so please don’t feel bad!

The past few months have been a strange mix of good and bad news. We’ve welcomed new members into our families and said goodbyes to those who have left. We’re now ready to take a breath of fresh air and move forward. We should have some updates in the next few months that we’re excited to share with you.

Interview with Isis Souza

Our first author interview is live at Isis Souza’s Illustrawords blog. Isis created the cover art for Exchanged and had a few questions about our writing process and our plans for the future. If you’re curious how we got started and how we went about writing as an author duo, check out the interview, and feel free to poke around Isis’s blog to see the great work that she’s done for other authors while you’re there!


Share Your Thoughts (on Goodreads)

Thanks to everyone for sharing in our excitement at the release of Exchanged. It’s strange to think we sat down one year ago and began this journey. We’ve talked a LOT about ourselves and this process over the past few months, but we’d really like to hear from all of you. Whether it’s a personal message or a review, we’d like to hear your thoughts about our book (or anything else you’d like to comment on). Send your thoughts our way!

If you could take the time to leave a rating and/or review on Goodreads, we would appreciate it!